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Brianna Van De Ven – Senior Travel Consultant

Favourite holiday experience

Spending NYE in New York with friends and family. It may have been cold but there will never be another NYE that would come close. Words cannot explain the preparation & excitement that takes part in such a city to make an amazing night. whether you are indoors or out there are screens everywhere to watch the ball drop in times square.

Five Essential Holiday Tips

  1. Always enjoy your holiday and the experiences, and take enough spending cash to spoil yourself!
  2. Always take out travel insurance you just never know what could happen when you least expect it.
  3. Pack a change of clothes in your carry on in the unfortunate circumstance that your luggage gets delayed or lost.
  4. Always take some local currency cash with to the country you are travelling to so when you arrive or you have a stopover so you can buy a coffee, or tip the driver etc.
  5. Give a copy of your itinerary to loved ones staying at home. This helps them feel like they are a part of your trip in the safety of their own home and they won’t stress about you as much whilst your away.

Five Must-See Cities

  1. New York City
  2. Siem Reap
  3. Lake Tahoe
  4. Grand Canyon
  5. Uluru- Ayers Rock

Places Brianna has visited