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Jan Darby – Administration & Marketing


Favourite holiday experience

I have two favourite holiday experiences because they were so different. You can’t beat an African safari in Kenya and Tanzania or a White Christmas in Switzerland then celebrating the New Year in Paris.

Five Essential Holiday Tips

  1. Never travel without travel insurance and use the one recommended by the agent you use. The agent will then help you with any claim if needed.
  2. Use a pre-paid phone card instead of your own mobile phone as it is much cheaper.
  3. Pre book as much as you can to save you wasting your precious time searching for accommodation or transfers while you are on your holiday.
  4. Use a Multi Currency card and carry some local currency with you.
  5. Don’t trust the internet to book your holiday of a lifetime. Rely on your agents experience and they offer 24hr emergency assistance. 

Five Must-See Cities

  1. Capetown, South Africa
  2. Quebec, Canada
  3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  4. Dawson City, Yukon Canada
  5. Dublin, Ireland

Places Jan has visited