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Travel Experience
European Viking River Cruise

by Jan Darby and Krystal McCallum

Krystal and I recently had the opportunity to join an 8 day, 7 port, Europe river cruise with Viking Cruises from Passau, Germany to Budapest, Hungary.  As neither of us had been on a river cruise before we were very excited to experience this very popular way of travel. We flew with Qatar Airways via Doha Airport, which is modern, clean and easy to get around. 


Having been a locally owned and operated business since the 1980s, I have seen so many changes but overall, it has been a wonderful journey, full of challenges, rewards and great times. There will always be tough times but common sense, strong ethics and a sense of humour will usually resolve most problems.

During this current uncertainty it has never been more important to trust your local travel agent. By allowing us to take care of your travel, you are supporting a local business, who not only employ local staff but support other local businesses, local charities and local sporting clubs. 

Our team of highly experienced consultants are there to help you navigate through the myriad of options and opportunities. – Jacquey 


Travel Experience
Portugal and Spain
by Linda Owen

I recently toured through parts of Portugal with Backroads Touring, a small group specialist. Our tour was slow-paced, with no early mornings and great for the experienced traveller. We stayed in small boutique hotels and everything was very locally focussed. Starting in Lisbon, we had the lovely experience of learning to paint tiles in what looked just like a private house…

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