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Travel Experience – The Magical Kingdom of Jordan 
By Debbie Hulbert

The Magical Kingdom of Jordan – simply amazing!  Not what I had expected at all.  The world seems to make so much more sense now.


I travelled to Jordon in November with “Scenic” and it has moved straight to the top of my most amazing experiences.


Amman the Kingdoms capital was busy but not crazy, colourful but calm.  Markets and stalls and the smell of local delicacies filled the streets in the Downtown area with modern shopping centres on the outskirts showcasing all the familiar brands. 



I strolled through the Old Town stopping for the most famous baclava in Jordan and took a quick trip to the shopping centre for a peak feeling completely safe in my surroundings. 

Jordon as a whole is very liberal with western fashions. Bars and clubs are prominent in the newer areas. 



Predominantly Muslim; Jordan embraces Christianity and other minority religions and my guide explained Jordan is very multicultural and they all live side by side, Mosques are built next to churches, Synagogues next to Mosques and so it goes.  Berkus were few and far between.


Simply fascinating to listen and learn the history of religion as you discover pasts secrets and future possibilities.  All the religious sites and stories are so enchanting it leaves you wanting more.

I discovered the Ancient Roman City of Jerash piece by piece each sand stone block being careful uncovered along with tales of the very busy Roman Empire.  


No wonder the City of Petra is World Heritage Listed Wow and wow and wow.  Just amazing, built by the Nabataeans and again at one point occupied by the Romans with remnants of irrigation from more than 2000 years ago. 

The Bedouins have only in the last 15 years moved out of the caves and into modern apartments on the edge of the valley.

The carved cliffs are amazing, the guided walk to the treasury is a delight with camels and donkeys available if you prefer not to walk, the Monastery definitely requires comfortable shoes and a water bottle and will take a couple of hours round trip to hike up the years old carved steps and back.


 Small stalls and food stops along the way – definitely a full day to enjoy.

So much more – the “Wadi Rum”, another amazing experience – camping in the dessert ha ha, glamping.  I did rather fancy my Space tent.  For those who prefer a more local experience local traditional camps are also available.  “Wadi” meaning desert and “Rum” being the tribe name, still today there are tribes people residing in the desert caves.

The food is so tasty and so fresh, the best hummus I have ever tasted, still trying to get mine just right!


Then from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea and home again.  A trip I will never forget.  Accommodation is available throughout to suit all budgets and requirements.

A must do for everyone – put it on your bucket list.