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When it comes to choosing/deciding a tour my first criteria is itinerary and I found Gippsland guided day tours come out with flying colours. Each itinerary is well thought of, introducing as well as engaging us to/with local characteristics, scenery highlights , specialities in food and sights and most importantly social responsible entities and activities.  Not to mention of course Gippsland Travel company’s trademark high quality customer service before, during and post tour. Well done Gippsland Travel and hope to see you soon in more exacting tours. Clare
September 2021    

Jacquey, you are amazing. I read, with interest, about your tours and day trips and I am in awe of the fact that you are working so hard to keep people in jobs and give travellers some hope for 2022.  Merryle and David are doing the same.  I’m not sure if I have an more big trips in me, but I’d like to thank you and your staff for many years wonderful and efficient care and planning.  I will always remember how you managed to get Ian and me out of Hungary (Merryle’s first Eastern Europe tour)   and how you answered the phone at home and worked into the night to arrange our flights to Stanstead.  As you say “without an agent, you’re on your own”.  I wish you continued success and an eventual return to “business as usual”.  With my best wishes and thanks,  Sue
September 2021    

Hi Jacquey, Thanks for your tireless and painstaking efforts during this arduous process of procuring our refund.  A huge thanks again and bring on the vaccine – Jan & Deane
April 2021    

The saying “When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get going” epitomises Jacquey Turner, owner of Gippsland Travel, Warragul.   
In her 33 years in business, 2020 was unprecedented with the shutdown of domestic and international travel. Cancellations. Refunds. Anxious clients. Confusion. Stress.
As owner, Jacquey made sure her nine staff had the necessary support and advice to remain positive. By reducing costs wherever possible, all staff were retained. But what to do to fill the void? 
Jacquey and her staff approached many local tourist reliant businesses with the Day Tour concept, and the initiative was developed. A Win/Win situation all round.
Thus, the Day Tours commenced, providing her clients with an opportunity to enjoy a day out. Each tour uniquely tailored to suit varied interests (and to keep clients and local businesses alike engaged with her company). One big step back to normality.
Did you know there is an Observatory at Tetoora Road? Or a California Redwood Forest over ninety years old near Warburton?
Gippsland Travel remains viable today thanks to the strength, determination, ability to “Think outside the Square”, all due in part to Jacquey Turner. She would be a worthy recipient of Rotary’s “Excellence in Small Business” Award.  – Mary
April 2021    

“Dear Krystal, with routines being damaged by political and the health crisis, I allowed unanswered messages to grow to a figure close to 1,000. However, I have attacked this problem and feel pleased with the result.
I feel sure that I thanked you and your organization, verbally some time ago … but I want to put it in writing, that you deserve praise for the honourable and efficient manner that you have dealt with this problem even though you as a group would have been hurt.   Many, many thanks.” – Suzanne & Alan.

“Many thanks Jacquey. I truly appreciate all that Gippsland Travel, particularly Jacinta, has done for us over the last few years.  I know whenever we travel, we are in good hands.  After this is sorted, I know that we don’t have to worry about things for a while.  Hoping that things pick up for the travel industry in the not too distant future.” – Lisa
-October 2020

“We received excellent support and feedback on our flights over the past 6 months during COVID19, two were cancelled before our final flight into Perth was confirmed. This left us with less stress trying to work out the logistics and everything was sorted by our lovely travel agent Jacinta. Highly recommend Gippsland Travel to ensure your trip is as safe and secure as possible. Thank you!” – BJ
-October 2020

“Nicole, thank you so much, you have done an amazing job and I am very appreciative.  I owe you for being the best most attentive helpful supportive travel agent in the world. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us through all of this. I certainly am looking forward to booking our next trip with you on a much more positive note, one day in the future!!” – Sophie
-October 2020

“We have had the pleasure of having Monica as our travel consultant. She gave us confidence in her ability and experience right from the start. Everything was set to go, flights tours and accommodation and then COVID-19 hit. This is when Monica stepped up and instigated the refund process. It wasn’t straightforward but she persisted and was transparent and professional. 
She gave us regular updates and notifications of time frames. We are incredibly happy with the outcome, as we really did not think we would be refunded as much as we have been, as you hear ghastly stories of travellers who have had negative experiences, but we couldn’t be happier. This was our dream holiday that we worked very hard for and Monica recognised how important this was all the way through the process. 
So again, Thankyou to Gippsland Travel but particularly Monica Bethune.” –  Sandy &  Graeme
-October 2020

“Hi Nicole, thank you for the spreadsheet and further refund payment. We are extremely pleased with the outcome, even though we had our hearts in our mouths at some stages along the way. You have done a great job and we will certainly remember your basically unrewarded effort.  Hoping you guys are managing to make some kind of recovery soon.” –  John & Nola
-October 2020

“I would just like to make a special note of Monica. I was to travel to the UK in a couple of weeks.  Monica helped me set it all up and she has gone above & beyond in my opinion, to help me navigate my way of putting it all on hold.  I am sure all your staff have been doing a wonderful job and I have previously dealt with Virginia & Brianna, both incredibly kind & helpful. I’d just like to say that Monica has made this whole saga much easier.”  –  Rowena
-September 2020

“Gloria and I are still marvelling about your tenacity in dealing with accommodation and travel negotiations, and we are extremely grateful for all the work you have done. Keep it up  if you still have the energy.” Best wishes”   – Aldo & Gloria
-August 2020

“Brilliant. Made suggestions which improved my journey and help to budget my trip in a way I was able to do more. Highly recommend.” – Michael
-July 2020

“In May 2019, I joined Jacquey for my sixth wonderful trip, this time to Eastern America and Canada. Thank you, Jacquey, for another fabulous and well-organised trip with first class accommodation and guidance throughout the tour.”   – Elva
-July 2019

“Gippsland Travel are the most considerate and thoughtful travel agency, let alone all the free extras which are crammed into the itinerary.  I had a fantastic trip to India with Gippsland Travel and would recommend them to all who wished to travel” – Claire
– May 2019

“Thanks to Jacinta at Gippsland Travel. Our holiday she organised for us to Vietnam was absolutely sensational. From start to finish of our trip everything was arranged, which gave us so much more time in the country to just enjoy, rather than having to worry and stress about what to do and who to go to for tours. We will definitely go to Gippsland travel for our next holiday.” Chris Natalie Connor Kayla Chloe
-May 2019

“Our ‘Journey through Spain and Portugal’ last October-November provided a stimulating and enjoyable mix of Iberian culture, rich and diverse history, tantalising tastes and new experiences. It was a fantastic tour with too many highlights to cover and we would highly recommend that you include Spain and Portugal in your travel plans.”   – Clare and Colin
-December 2016

“We were panicking and stuck in Europe as we had missed flights. Jacquey answered their emergency overseas number and were able to calm us down, very early in the morning, and once in the office, was able to get Linda to sort us out and get us home with minimum delay and hassle. We would have been lost without this professional service and we are very lucky to have them as our local business. Thank you!” – Sarah

“A party of 7 of us (including baby) got to the airport this morning to celebrate a very special birthday, only to have our flights cancelled last minute. Jacinta and Taylor have been nothing short of amazing in helping us to change our flights and plans, from 7am this morning they have been on the phone helping us to salvage the trip. Talk about above and beyond service! We’re about to board our flight to sunny Perth thanks to their hard work this morning. Thankyou ladies, amazing work.” – Lauren

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