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European Christmas Cruise – 2026

European Christmas Cruise

Escorted by Jacquey Turner
 December 2026

About this trip

Jacquey last took this tour in 2016 and tour members summed up the tour “This was our first time away from home and family at this time of year, but it did prove to be a magical Christmas.”

During the Christmas cruise you will be stopping to look at beautiful Medieval villages and majestic stone castles and enjoy some merrymaking as we stroll through cobblestone streets dusted in snow. 

You will explore some of the world’s most celebrated Christmas markets. Imagine the mouth-watering aromas that surround the festive stalls at the Christmas markets, shops and bakeries that are laden with gingerbread, biscuits, and speciality cakes. And to keep warm you can savour a steaming mug of glühwein (hot spiced wine) or indulge in some of the region’s famous Franconian sausage.

Everywhere you turn, cities will be decked out in their Christmas finery with glittering Christmas trees, bells pealing from cathedral towers, and children dressed as angels singing Christmas carols.

With sights straight out of a classic Christmas tale, this is sure to be one of the most memorable holiday trips you will ever take.

You will have the opportunity of experiencing the quintessential magic of the holidays while shopping for one-of-a kind treasures and discovering the legends behind some of our most popular holiday traditions.

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